Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention 2019 • September 13-15



Ron Rudat joined Hasbro in 1980, and the top secret relaunch code-named “Operation Blast Off” was underway. After significant market research it was determined that G.I. Joe’s best chance at profitability was to be scaled down to 3 3/4 inches. Ron was charged with designing the new smaller figures. Ron designed every figure from the inception of A Real American Hero 1982 through 1986.

Steve Sansweet turned his passion for all things Star Wars into a second career, a huge collection, and friendships with hundreds of fellow Star Wars fans worldwide. He is now President and CEO of Rancho Obi-Wan, Inc., a non-profit corporation that is using that collection to educate and inspire. He is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as an authority on all things Star Wars.

Kim Simmons, known as “The Man who Shot Luke Skywalker,” was one of the original photographers for Kenner/Hasbro. He is responsible for the classic pictures on vehicle and playset boxes from the original Vintage Kenner Star Wars line all the way through Kenner’s transition to Hasbro in 2000. Those scenes we remember seeing on the top shelves of our local toy stores, that fill our hearts with nostalgia, we owe to him.

Duncan Jenkins is a renowned super collector and the co-author of four popular books on Star Wars collectibles, including Gus and Duncan’s Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles. He has written numerous articles for as and has shared his extensive knowledge of collecting on TV, radio, and at conventions around the world. He is also an editor of the popular vintage Star Wars collecting site The Star Wars Collector’s Archive (SWCA).

Gus Lopez is one of the most widely recognized collectors of Star Wars memorabilia in the fandom. His primary focus is cast and crew items, movie props, unproduced toys, cereal boxes and awards. He is the creator of The Star Wars Collector’s Archive — launched in 1994 as the first Star Wars collecting website on the internet featuring the rarest and most unusual Star Wars collectibles in the world. Gus has written many articles on Star Wars collecting for various publications, and he has appeared in several documentaries including “Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys” (2014), “Backyard Blockbusters” (2012) and “Pegwarmers: The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth” (2009).

Michael Mensinger is an avid vintage toy and prototype collector of nearly three decades. He will take attendees on a historical tour through one of his favorite Kenner toy lines: Super Powers. Michael will discuss the production process of bringing a Super Powers action figure to life, the three series of toys released from 1984-1986, merchandising displays, unproduced toys and concepts and much more!

Daniel Segovia tells the history of Argentina’s Top Toys from inception to today, and details the story of the “Magnificent Seven” — the seven Star Wars action figures produced by the company. A full set is almost impossible to find today. Segovia will take a deep dive into these figures looking at both loose and carded versions, as well as the famous “no coo” action figures.

Ron Salvatore is a super collector who focuses on items related to the vintage Kenner line, especially those that were never available commercially. He hunts store displays, marketing material, and prototypes that exhibit a high level of craftsmanship, such as original art, sculptings and handmade patterns. He has been a co-editor of The Star Wars Collector’s Archive (SWCA) since 1997. In addition he has penned numerous articles on collecting in publications such as Action Figure News, Action Figure Digest, The Star Wars Collector, Star Wars Galaxy Collector and Collectors Universe.

Jim Swearingen was the principal conceptual designer for Kenner’s line of Star Wars toys. In 1976, Swearingen was working in Kenner’s preliminary design group when his boss, Dave Okada, came in with a script from a new movie called Star Wars. The next day he insisted Okada lock himself in his office and read it. “We have to do this,” he said. The rest is history.

Luis and Josefina Galvez have been collecting for 25 years and they specialize in vintage Star Wars toys from various countries. They have focused on the Mexican line of Star Wars toys manufactured by Lili Ledy and have conducted valuable research about variations and production. They are contributors to the Star Wars Collectors Archive and run the Spanish-language version of Rebelscum.

‎Brian Rachfal, Darrell Johnson and Chris Georgoulias will enlighten ICCC attendees with an in-depth discussion on the most widely coveted Star Wars action figure in the franchise’s history: the rocket firing Boba Fett prototype. Brian is a 30-year super collector and the owner of Rachfal Enterprises, which specializes in rare vintage Star Wars and non-sport gum card collectibles. He has bought and sold numerous examples of the rocket firing Boba Fett and is an expert at authentication. Darrell is a super collector and the proud owner of a bagged/dual rocket firing Boba Fett. Chris is also a super collector that reactivated his collecting in 1990. He has been a contributor and editor of The Star Wars Collector’s Archive (SWCA) since its earliest days. Chris has traveled to conventions worldwide and to filming locations as far away as Tunisia and Guatemala. His collection primarily focuses on vintage Kenner items, prototypes and movie props.
NOTICE: Panelist appearances are subject to change.